Refugees & IDPs

  • Samuel Hall: “A Study of Poverty, Food Security and Resilience in Afghan Cities, 2014

    This study was funded by the European Union and conducted by Samuel Hall, DRC (Danish Refugee Council) and PIN (People in Need). It provides new insights into the nature, level and complexity of poverty, food security and resilience issues among urban households in Afghanistan. It compares the experiences of host communities, IDPs and returnees across the five major Afghan cities and provides evidence-based recommendations for practical action and policy reform to more effectively address urban poverty.

    PDF icon SH DRC-PIN-Urban-Poverty-Report.pdf
  • UNHCR: Voluntary Return & Internal Displacement Reports, December 2013

    UNHCR provide monthly updates on both displaced people and voluntary refugee returns.  Read the December reports here.  You can request to be added to their monthly distribution list by contacting Jacqueline Parry at

    PDF icon UNHCR Dec 13 Monthly IDP report.pdf, PDF icon VolRep_Monthly_Update_Dec_2013.pdf
  • IOM: Humanitarian Assistance Programme report, November 2013

    IOM Afghanistan's report for January - October 2013 highlights the reasons for displacement, the needs raised by these and IOM's response to them.  

    PDF icon IOM Afghanistan HAP Cumulative Report Sept-Oct 2013.pdf
  • Human Rights Watch: Unwelcome Guests, November 2013

    In this report, Human Rights Watch reveal how the Iranian government's policies towards, and treatment of, Afghan refugees and migrants are in violation of international and refugee conventions and law.  Summary detention and deportation without due process or recourse to appeal, denial of human rights and abusive treatment are some of the report's findings.Read the full report here. 

    PDF icon Unwelcome Guests Refugees and Migrants in Iran.pdf
  • UNHCR: Voluntary Return and Internal Displacement, October 2013

    From the start of UNHCR’s assisted voluntary repatriation operation in March 2002 to the end of October 2013, over 5.8 million Afghan refugees have returned home. Meanwhile, the IDP Taskforces profiled 10,806 IDPs who were displaced in September and October 2013.  Returnee numbers and often complicated returning processes, and the plight of IDPs, continue to be of concern to humanitarian organisations in Afghanistan.   UNHCR provide monthly updates on IDPs and voluntary returns.  Read their October 2013 reports here.   Request to be added to their distribution list for these reports to Jacqueline Parry at 

    PDF icon UNHCR October IDP report FINAL.pdf, PDF icon VolRep_UNHCR Border Monitoring_October_Update_2013.pdf
  • Amnesty International: Fleeing War, Finding Misery, February 2012

    Amnesty International says the Afghan authorities have failed to help some 500,000 people internally displaced by an escalation in fighting. And it says that more than 400 more Afghans join the ranks of the internally displaced every day.

    PDF icon Fleeing War, Finding Misery Feb. 2012.pdf
  • Refugees International: Afghanistan: Responsible US Transition Must Address Displacement Crisis, June 2011

    This report says that rising insecurity has led to 250,000 Afghans fleeing their villages over the past two years. It calls on the US government to mitigate further displacement and ensure that the Afghan administration takes greater responsibility for the protection of displaced people.

    PDF icon Responsible US Transition June 2011.pdf