• Brave Women Are Challenging The Sexist Media Industry In Afghanistan

Brave Women Are Challenging The Sexist Media Industry In Afghanistan

04 April 2016

by Amie Ferris-Rotman

The founder of Sahar Speaks reflects on the inspiring inaugural journalist training in Kabul

Late last year BAAG partnered with the British-American journalist Amie Ferris-Rotman as she launched a small but important project she'd been planning for over two years.  Having worked in Afghanistan herself, Amie was frustrated that no Afghan female journalists were employed by the international news and media organisations in the capital. This situation effectively means that the reality of life for Afghan women cannot be accurately depicted.  International female journalists can never fully comprehend and represent the intricacies of Afghan life and culture, and male Afghan journalists have extremely limited access to women and their stories.  Thus Sahar Speaks was established - to offer training for aspiring female Afghan journalists and to secure them an international platform for publication - generously offered by Huffington Post.

Amie recently delivered training  to a cohort of twelve trainees in Kabul and has written a moving and uplifting account of that experience for the Huffington Post.  BAAG are now supporting some of the trainees as they develop their stories and we look forward to sharing updates with you as these are published on the Huffington Post website. 

On the 22nd March Amie Ferris-Rotman and her Sahar Speaks project won the Georgina Henry Award at the annual Society of Editors Awards in London.  The prize money will help develop the project further. If you would like Sahar Speaks to continue its support to these inspiring women, and to train more like them, then please watch Amie's fundraising video and make a donation.


Photograph of the Sahar Speaks group by Joel van Houdt.