Photo blog from BAAG's Ayenda Conference, December 2014

05 January 2015

by BBC Persian

BBC Persian posted a gallery of online images, depicting some of the core activities of the Afghan civil society delegates during the packed week of the Ayenda Conference in early December.

Click here for the link to their webpage.  

The photos presented are:

Top row left - Baroness Northover of the Department for International Development spoke on the panel discussion ‘People of the Future’.

Top row middle - 250 people attended the Ayenda Conference, including government officials, Afghan and international civil society, academics and international media.

Top row right - BAAG Director Jawed Nader opens the Ayenda Conference on 3rd December.

Middle row far left - In the ministerial London Conference on Afghanistan, official Civil Society Spokesperson Freshta Karimi delivers her speech.

Middle row 2nd left - On the 1st December, 6 Afghan women’s rights activists shared their expertise and recommendations with Secretary of State for International Development, Justine Greening.  BAAG and GAPS UK also participated. 

Middle row 1st right - Following speeches by 2 civil society delegates, CEO Abdullah provided his thoughts & recommendations.

Middle row far right - Acting Minister of Women’s Affairs, Dr Ghazanfar, spoke on the situation for women in Afghanistan. 

Bottom row left - The Afghan civil society delegates enjoyed a celebratory dinner organised after the London Conference on Afghanistan on 4 December. 

Bottom row middle - In a session devoted to women’s rights, Afghan civil society activist Arezo Qanih presents recommendations to ministers at the London Conference on Afghanistan.

Bottom row right - Barry Salaam, the second official Civil Society Spokesperson, provides further recommendations at the London Conference on Afghanistan.



BAAG – British & Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group – organised and hosted the civil society associate event of the London Conference on Afghanistan.  Their Ayenda Conference  on the 3rd December attracted approximately 250 participants, including 57 Afghan civil society delegates.  Speakers included CEO Abdullah Abdullah, Secretary of State for International Development Justine Greening, Minister Ghazanfar of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Minister Qarizada of the Ministry of Finance. 

Three of the Ayenda delegates delivered presentations on development priorities in the ministerial London Conference on Afghanistan on the 4th December.

In addition to the Ayenda Conference, BAAG organised a week of activities for the 57 delegates.  This included a meeting of six Afghan women’s rights activists with Secretary of State Greening on the 1st December, a discussion with MPs on the 3rd December and a farewell dinner on the 4th December. 

Feedback from delegates and other Ayenda participants is that these events successfully highlighted the needs of Afghans as defined by civil society, and has laid foundations for their continued engagement with the new Afghan government.