Thoughts on the Ayenda Conference

12 January 2015

by Munera Yousufzada

Munera Yousufzada is the Civil society engagement Adviser at Afghanistan's Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG).  

As a civil society activist Munera has experience of working with street children, women and youth. She also has worked extensively with the government.  Additionally, she has been involved with various publications; writing on the role of women, human rights, democracy, civil society efforts and has been promoting art through her writings. She also serves as the Director of Asayesh Organization for the People of Afghanistan.

Munera was one of the 57 civil society delegates who travelled to London for the Ayenda Conference in December 2014.  She wrote a blog for the BBC Persian website in which she explained Afghan civil society's objectives in London and in particular at the Ayenda Conference.  She also provides analysis of concerns raised by her peers, along with their achievements and some sources of optimism. 

Read her BBC Persian blog in full here